Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Life of a Blogger part 2

Wow!  I totally miss blogging over at our family blog!  I have so many things to update my family blog with.  The good news is is that I am taking some time off next week for my blog anniversary so I am hoping to get caught up with a lot of things.  Plus I am moving to North Carolina to FINALLY be reunited with my hubby in 5 days!!

I have had so many amazing opportunities happen to me since starting my blog this past year!  Not only has it been a huge blessing for our family and could completely support us financially,  but I have been able to be apart of working with some amazing people.  Today I had an article published on me and my Tuscan Garlic chicken in the Deseret news!
I was so excited it made me get a tear.  My food blog is such hard work, and sometimes I want to kill it.  Haha  But all on all I am thankful that I can be a stay at home mom and make delicious meals for my family.  It is given me amazing opportunities that I never thought were possible!  I will be featured by Pillsbury for a second time this month, and I am currently working with a chocolate company in Utah creating recipes with their chocolates and all of my recipes will be as inserts in the boxes of chocolates!  Here is a sneak peak of one of the recipes...  :)

One of the BEST parts of having my blog is all of the friends ships that I have made!   I have some of the best friends through blogging!  It is nice to have someone to relate to about being a full time blogger...  because I always get weird looks when people ask me what I do for work and I tell them I am a food blogger.  I have had so much fun attending conferences with these awesome bloggers,  going on fun trips, and just being able to talk to them!

Build your blog conference 2013 with Inside Brucrew Life and Love Grows Wild

SNAP! conference 2013 with High Heels and Grills and Chef In Training

SNAP!  conference with iHeartnaptime

Having a girls day with Nikki from Chef in Training baking in her kitchen!

Watching LASIK eye surgery with Sweet Treats and More and Baking with Blondie

Girls Road trip to St George with Chef in Training

Shopping for random food dishes on our girls trip!

SNAP! conference with High Heels and Grills and Chef in Training

Build your Blog conference with Oh Sweet Basil, Taste and Tell, Sweet Treats and More and Chef in Training