Thursday, July 14, 2011

The End to an Amazing Trip

We toured around Downtown Raleigh a little bit before the trip was over. This is a picture in front of the capitol building. I also tried to convince Remii to marry me at the court while we were down there, and after he asked me how much I think it cost, his response was, only in the temple babe! Now I am just counting down the time until we leave for Chicago to meet his family next month. We have had some fun adventures!

Not only have I found a guy that meets all of my requirements, he's pretty cute too. He means so much to me and I get emotional just thinking about him. I am so grateful to have gone though the trials I have been through because he is worth it all. Ahhhh love is a great feeling!

So sad that the trip was over.... But seeing my boys faces and how excited they were that I was back was priceless. I can't wait to have a family back together and I am so lucky to have found a guy that is going to be such a great example to me and my boys. I am in heaven.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

DC part 2

Our day started out by touring the National Archive Museum. They wouldn't let us take pictures inside the museum but it was amazing to see the original documents. They were pretty faded and old.
I kind of like this boy.... ALOT!

We went to the national air and space museum.

Then we hit up the Natural History Museum
The Hope Diamond... It can be yours for one easy payment of 1,000,000,000 dollars.. haha
The White House
We ended the trip at the famous Ray's Hell Burger. I thought everyone would appreciate this picture. It definitely was not within my points, or probably even my weekly points. Haha I am definitely doing major damage control from it!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Nations Capital

Heaven, Bliss, Fun, excitement, kissing, joy, love, friends,
are just a few words to describe this trip with Remii.
(and just a warning that there are a lot of kissing pics, we are kind of in love...)

Our trip started out with going to Willmington Beach. Not a fan of the salt water, but we had a blast!
That night we went to Transformers 3D. I had heard it wasn't very good, so wasn't too excited to see it. Remii on the other hand is obsessed with Transformers. He made me stay until the VERY last credit rolled. He loved it! That is also why I love him so much. He will make a great dad because he is a big kid at heart himself.
Trip started at 5:30 am.... ya we look good. Haha
First stop. DC temple.
We went to the famous chili bowl in DC.
We rode on the metro everywhere we went.

The boyfriends hooked us up with a 4 star hotel in DC.
We did most of the sight seeing at night. We went to the Washington Monument and also walked to the Lincoln Memorial. Once we got there, the lights shut off at midnight. So I was bummed I didn't see it.