Thursday, July 14, 2011

The End to an Amazing Trip

We toured around Downtown Raleigh a little bit before the trip was over. This is a picture in front of the capitol building. I also tried to convince Remii to marry me at the court while we were down there, and after he asked me how much I think it cost, his response was, only in the temple babe! Now I am just counting down the time until we leave for Chicago to meet his family next month. We have had some fun adventures!

Not only have I found a guy that meets all of my requirements, he's pretty cute too. He means so much to me and I get emotional just thinking about him. I am so grateful to have gone though the trials I have been through because he is worth it all. Ahhhh love is a great feeling!

So sad that the trip was over.... But seeing my boys faces and how excited they were that I was back was priceless. I can't wait to have a family back together and I am so lucky to have found a guy that is going to be such a great example to me and my boys. I am in heaven.

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