Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Zoo

We met up with Remii's cousin and wife and spent the day at the zoo.   They have two really adorable kids that came along with us.  Its always a good time looking at all of the different animals that they have.  Despite the chilly weather that day we all had a great time!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Temple Date

One of the goals we made when we got married was to attend the temple on the last Saturday of every month.  Since Remii signed us up to do sealings at church, we thought we could count this since we will be traveling to North Carolina next week.  We went to the Jordan River Temple.  It was a great reminder of the covenants that we just made not too long ago and the happiness I felt when I was being sealed to him.  Ahhhh, I just love him!

I also found this great talk here about what happily married couples do.

Have positive conversations.

Show affection.

Remember that you are each other's therapists.

Be humble and cultivate Christlike attributes.

Date Frequently.

Enrich your intimacy.

Spend time with your children.

Seek feedback and help each other.

Eliminate Anger.

Be sensitive to each others stress levels.

Also included, Kneel down in prayer morning and night.

Study the scriptures individually and as a family.

Attend the temple regularly.

And be quick to forgive.

I loved this talk.  It was full of such great advice.  I have seen me and Remii's relationship grow since getting married.  Every morning I wake up and am just so happy.  I love Remii more and more everyday.  He is so perfect for me.  I love how if you center your marriage around these things, it can never fail.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

One year

A year ago today I started dating someone who I knew from the beginning I would marry.  I can't believe how fast time flies.  Now we have been married for 3 weeks with our little family of two boys and one on the way.  JK  on that one!  That will be at least a year before we add to our family.  But the baby hunger-ness is in full force!

Remii was different than the other guys I had dated.  And I had been set up on some pretty bad blind dates.  From the time me and Remii met we could talk about anything and everything for hours.  Most of our conversations we had were about the gospel and I loved Remii's strong testimony and love for it.  This was the kind of guy that me and my boys needed in our life.  And he passed my test of being temple worthy, remaining pure for his wife, and not having any issues with pornography.  And the fact that I could grill him with all of those tough questions and he still stuck around meant a lot too.  I probably shouldn't have brought those questions up on first dates but sheesh can you blame me?  Remii has taught me so many things over this last year and one big thing is that I learned how to trust again.  He will always honor our temple covenants and always lead our family in the right direction and center our home around Christ and the gospel.

The first picture we ever took together.

Over this last year we have experienced so many fun things together...

The beach in NC

Washington DC

Nauvoo Temple

We got engaged
Then hitched
Then went to San Diego for our honeymoon!

I am so excited for our next adventure and move to North Carolina in two weeks!  We have had so much fun together and I am so excited to experience all these things with my eternal companion.  :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Lion House

After the wedding, we had a small luncheon at the Lion House.  It was perfect.  We ate some good food and had close friends and family there.  The luncheon got over at 3 and our flight left for San Diego at 4:50.  We went straight from the luncheon to the airport.  We arrived in San Diego and had the time of our lives together!

Our Day

How in the world do you even put over 200 pictures from your wedding onto a blog post, or even explain the way you felt that day?  All I can say is that I never want to forget it.  I could not stop smiling that day and I truly felt like I was in heaven.  I have never felt this kind of happiness before.  And Remii is mine for eternity!  Ok I'll stop with the mushy stuff and post some pics already!