Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Honeymoon in San Diego

We had the time of our lives.  It is amazing how much more you love each other after all of the wedding stress is over!  We got married at 11 that morning, had the luncheon from 1-3 and our flight left at 4:30.  The flight was only about an hour and a half and once we got in, Remii surprised me and rented a brand new white Mustang Convertible. It was awesome!  It made the 2 hour drive to San Diego a whole lot of fun!  We stayed in the Kona Kai Resort which overlooked the harbor.

We spent the next day shopping and also went to a really good diner called Ruby's Diner.  

The next day we rented some beach cruisers and cruised around the harbor.  We first got a tandem bike and only made it up the hill to have the back tire come off.   Then for dinner that night, Remii took me to Jake's Del Mar.  It was pretty fancy and overlooked the ocean.  I got this amazing macadamia nut crusted salmon and Remii got a bacon wrapped filet mignon.  It was amazing.

The last day before we went to the airport, we visited my favorite temple and walked the grounds.  And for lunch we met up with Remii's friend and fiance.  It was so sad to have it come to an end because we really did have the most amazing time together.  We have been married now for 5 days and I couldn't be happier or imagine my life with anyone else.  We have been having fun with our little family and the boys love having him around all the time now.  And not having a curfew has been awesome!!  I love my life!


  1. You two make a seriously GORGEOUS couple! What an amazing honeymoon :)