Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pass of all Passes

My sister kept telling me about these passes that I NEEDED to buy.  She told me that it included a ton of places like seven peaks, Lehi fun Center, Tracy Aviary, Rocky Mountain Raceway, U of U games (except football), and that is just to name a few!  She told me that they were 30 dollars a person.  I kept putting it off until one day she called me and said they were only 20 a person!  I had her immediately buy them for us because we were in Disneyworld.  We went for the first time on Friday and basically paid for them that day!  We had a blast doing unlimited everything!  Mini golf, laser tag, rides...... we had a BLAST!   The boys both want to have their birthdays there.  The pass of all passes is awesome!

The boys LOVED rock climbing and being able to float back down!

Good ole aunt Ra!  We love her!

Sunday, September 16, 2012


I am just getting around to posting some pictures of our Florida trip.  I was counting down the minutes for this trip because I hadn't seen Remii for 2 weeks!  Oh my heck I will not forget that moment when we finally got to see each other.  He literally got tackled in front of everyone.  He's so cute and perfect to me and he is all mine!  I have given into the fact that I am one of those annoying girls that posts way to much mush!  But this feeling that I have for Remii is awesome!  Now onto our fun trip....

The company Remii works for is so amazing.  The things we have gotten to experience (completely paid for) have been things we would have never been able to do.  Myrtle Beach, Washington DC, Kings Dominion, Hawaii, New York (Remii), are just a few of the fun things we have done.  And then our upcoming cruise in February?  I CAN'T WAIT!  

So we arrived in Florida and stayed in an amazing resort.  It had like 5 pools and was such a blast!  We got to spend the day in Disneyworld and experience all of the FUN things there.  And then relaxing and being together and being able to spend time together was so much fun!  I missed Remii so much, and I am sure you all remember my mushy post.  We had an amazing time together and it was so hard to leave Remii again.  But the good news is is that he will be back next Thursday for good!  And I can't wait for him to see our cute little place and finally be home with us!

Me and my love

Some of the group that went with us.  We had so much fun!

On the Toy Story Ride

You can't see me or my friend Jenni because we were protecting our hair from getting wet!

More pics to come.  His boss took most of them on his camera!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Back to school!

Ben and Luke started school today!  Yay!  I feel really old.  I am going to have a 9 year old and a 5 year old next month!  Where did the time go?  I am trying to fill the emptiness with a baby but Remii isn't ready quite on board yet.  Hopefully soon because I might just have to steal one.  Ha I got up early and made the boys this Cinnamon French Toast Bake.  Find the recipe here.   Ben was excited to start school but nervous at the same time.  I knew he would do fine and has never had a problem making friends.   His school is awesome!  I am so glad we moved here and we were in the boundaries of such a great school!  Ben is starting to enter into the too cool for mom and pictures age. He hated me taking his pictures.  He is just getting so old so fast!  

Luke couldn't wait to start school today!  He was so excited to strut into school with his new Spongebob backpack.   His preschool is so awesome!  It even has chickens in the back and this little chicken coupe.  Luke also loves that they have a pet turtle and rat in the class.  There are 3 Luke's in his class!  Sheesh I didn't realize it was so popular when we named him that!  He has such a great day at school today and loved it!