Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pass of all Passes

My sister kept telling me about these passes that I NEEDED to buy.  She told me that it included a ton of places like seven peaks, Lehi fun Center, Tracy Aviary, Rocky Mountain Raceway, U of U games (except football), and that is just to name a few!  She told me that they were 30 dollars a person.  I kept putting it off until one day she called me and said they were only 20 a person!  I had her immediately buy them for us because we were in Disneyworld.  We went for the first time on Friday and basically paid for them that day!  We had a blast doing unlimited everything!  Mini golf, laser tag, rides...... we had a BLAST!   The boys both want to have their birthdays there.  The pass of all passes is awesome!

The boys LOVED rock climbing and being able to float back down!

Good ole aunt Ra!  We love her!


  1. oh I love the pass of all passes! They are so great! Love the blog! It's cute!

  2. I heard that pass was fantastic! I think I will have to consider getting on here soon!