Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ben turns 9!

Ben turned 9 last Wednesday.  We had to stretch his birthday out a bit because my family was in Vancouver.  So we celebrated it on his birthday with my sister her hubby.  We started the morning out with an awesome overnight breakfast.   Then we headed over to his school to celebrate with his class.  

And that night we went to Trafalga.  That was so much fun!  I love having the Pass of all Passes because everything that we do is unlimited!  The only thing that Ben asked for was a bike for his birthday.  That is his favorite thing to do!  The bike that we got Ben was about 2 sizes to big.  But he got a lot of fun things that night and it ended up being an awesome birthday!

 Last night was Ben's final birthday celebration with my family.  My parents got him... A NEW BIKE... that fits!  He was so excited!  And it was so fun seeing his face when the blind fold was taken off and the bike was revealed. We sure do love our Ben!  He is such a smart and fun kid to have around.  We had a fun filled birthday celebration week!

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