Monday, October 29, 2012

Luke is 5!

I love this kid!  And I can't believe he is 5 now!  I can't believe that both of my boys are as old as they are.  It makes me sad.  But it has been so fun watching them grow up.  Luke has such an imagination.  You tell him to go play in his room and he will play for hours and make up stories.  So he was pretty fun and easy to get presents for.   Since Ben had his birthday, Luke has been asking if it is his birthday yet everyday.  And every time that we go to Wal-Mart he picks stuff out for his birthday.  One thing he asked for over and over was a pumpkin carver to carve pumpkins.  He is such a funny kid.  When his birthday finally came, he had quite the eventful day!

It started out with breakfast.  I was stressing his breakfast.  He is the pickiest eater alive.  I made pancake squares.  He LOVED them.
Then for lunch he requested Pei Wei.  Noodles without the chicken. :)
For dinner we ate at The Pie.  Oh my gosh it was so good.  Their cheesy pull apart bread is delish!

My cute little 5 year old Batman!

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