Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Visiting Uncle Reino's Navy Ship

I have decided to take the night off of my Recipe Critic blog to do some much needed blogging over here at my family blog!  We have been having such a fun time here in North Carolina!  Our adventures have included frog hunting, swimming everyday, and fun activities with Remii's company.  We just got back from Myrtle beach!  I will try to be posting pictures of that later. :)

Remii's brother has been in the navy for about 3 years.  He served most of his time in Japan and was just recently reassigned to Norfolk, Virginia to finish up his last year.  We were so excited to be so close and be able to go and visit him and have the amazing experience of visiting the Navy base and touring the ship.  The boys LOVED it!  We had such a great weekend and ended it with going to Virginia beach.   The boys got to meet Uncle Reino for the first time this summer, and they have loved getting to know him better and visit his cool ship!

Reino took us on a tour of his ship, the George H. W. Bush Ship 77

It was such a great weekend and an experience the boys will never forget!  We are so grateful for Uncle Reino for defending and supporting our country!