Sunday, November 11, 2012

Blog Lovin'

I have been keeping quite busy lately with my blog!  It has blest us in so many ways while keeping the family happily fed.  My blog has been doubling in money every month and far exceeded what I had ever expected.  I can't even believe that I am making the same as those mom's that work on a blog!  I have met a lot of fun blog people along the way.  I have become very close with a friend over at High Heels and Grills and her sister in law is Chef in Training.  They are both amazing bloggers!   We have been wanting to meet for a while now, and finally got to meet and go to lunch on Friday.  It was so much fun!!

I was seriously ecstatic to meet Chef-in-Training.  She is my blog idol.

Me and Sarah from High Heels and Grills.  She is so amazing!
Remii and I spoke today in sacrament.  After we were done a lady came up to me and asked if I was the Recipe Critic.  She said she recognized me and made one of my recipes last week!  Awesome!  I love everyone that has supported me and helped my blog to grow!


  1. How fun!! I love those two to yours of course. I made chef-in-training refried beans the other day and they were FANTASTIC i need to make more! Im glad its going so well for you and making new friends!

  2. I have tagged you in a game of blog tag. Go here: to find out how to play and to meet new bloggers.
    Let me know if you choose not to participate. Thanks and hope to be reading your answers soon. :)

  3. Hey there!! You have a beautiful family!
    I raised three boys....four counting my husband! :o) There is nothing like it!! I love my men!!

    Thanks again for stopping by my blog!!