Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Festivities

I wish that I could hire someone to blog for me.  My family blog is getting neglected.  And this is most important to me because I want to remember all of these fun things that we do together!  I am forcing myself to sit down and get caught up on it.  It was our first Christmas together as a family and it was a great one!  Ben and Luke were in our ward nativity play and it was so amazing!  Ben was a shepherd and Luke was a donkey.

 That night we went to temple square with my parents and saw the lights.  It always amazes me how beautiful it is!

We had a great Christmas together.  Nice and low key and relaxing.  The boys didn't really know what to ask for this year and since they just had their birthdays, they didn't ask for much.  Ben wanted the new diary of a wimpy kid, a guiness book of world record book and the new Paper Mario for his DS.  Luke wanted some Lord of the Rings Legos and a construction set.  That is really all that they asked for this year!

All dressed up for church!  Love these boys more than anything!!

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