Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Back to School!

I can't believe the summer is over!  It went by so fast!  Both me and the boys were ready for school to start.  Remii made it home from North Carolina the day before school started.  He wanted to be home to see Luke's first day of kindergarten.  We went the night before as a family to Hollywood Connection.  It was fun to do something as a family right before school started.  We had a blast!
I am so happy to have Remii home!  He had a great summer finishing as the top salesman in the office! 

 Look at how cute Ben and Luke are!  I can't even believe that I have a fourth grader and a kindergartener!  Ben was pretty excited to start school, but is not looking forward to the homework!
Luke is so stinking cute!  He is such a good little boy and even though I was excited for him to start school I worried about him on the first day!  It has been so nice having him in all day kindergarten and he is LOVING it!  He has met a new friend named Caroline (It's not my GIRLFRIEND mom!) and loves being all grown up in school.   He is doing great so far!

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