Thursday, February 21, 2013

Life as a Food Blogger

Once upon a time on a boring summer day in North Carolina I had this thought of starting a food blog.  I love to cook, I want all of my recipes in one place, and I had nothing better to do.  I wanted to do something extra other than being a mom.  So I started the little adventure of a food blog.  Little did I know the complex world of food blogging.  I never intended making money off of my food blog, just needed something to do.  Here are some of the things that I go through on a daily basis.
  • It is a full time job.  I have to keep my blog updated with at least 3 new recipes a week.  This is not including photography, editing, networking and being an active part of my Facebook group.  
  • As my blog has grown, I have learned photography is so important.  I have to take my pictures in good lighting, so I am usually making dinner at 1 in the afternoon.  My family gets reheated meals every night.  But all that matters is that I get a good pic right?  Haha  I will be SO glad when the winter is over so that I can make dinner later.  And don't even ask me to bake, cook something when the sun is down!  
  • It is not an easy job.  I usually have 1-2 recipe fails a week.  A lot of the times, the food is amazing and I can't get a good picture.  Grrrr.  Days like those I want to quit my blog! :)
  • I can't even believe the stats I get every month on my blog.  Seriously all these people are reading this??  I am excited to be able to add to the income of my family and am thrilled where my blog is headed.    
  • I am constantly looking at food all day!  Looking for new ideas.  Yeah I have said that my diet is going to start tomorrow for the last 6 months.  I am freaking out that I am going on a cruise next week!  
  • People just don't really understand that blogging can be a job.  I get weird looks all of the time trying to explain what I do.  I was in Crate and Barrel the other day.  And I am always buying random dishes.  I tried to explain to the lady for 30 minutes what I do.  I just gave up!  Haha
  • I can't ever take a trip and forget about my food blog.  I have to have people guest post, posts already lined up, and a babysitter to do the networking for me.  Sheesh!  This is totally my life now!
I got to attend my first blog conference over the weekend!  Yes they have blog conferences.  Trust me this was new to me too!  It was a blast!  It was so fun to meet all of my favorite bloggers.  And I loved all of the classes that I went to.  I learned so much from it and made so many friendships.  Actually I already knew them through blogging, it was so nice to actually meet them face to face.  The conference was organized by The Six Sisters.  Who are the nicest, most genuine, amazing girls you will meet.  They have really helped me grow my blog into what it is today.
With four of the sisters.  They blog at
With Jocelyn and Liz
This was my partner in crime during the conference.  I love her!  Nikki from
Top and my awesome blog designer and bottom right

My blog has been a huge learning experience.  I already cherish the friendships that I have made through blogging and most of all I am so thankful for a very supportive hubby.  Seriously.  He rocks.  Not only does he support me by eating my delicious creations, but he knows that it requires a lot of time.  He will put the boys in bed and read scriptures with them while I am late night blogging.  I also love the support that I receive from my friends that have supported me when my blog was just starting.  Every little like and follower counted in the beginning and I honestly can't thank those people enough!  And  I finally finished this post!  I have only started it at least 4 different times!  Yay!   

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