Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mushy Post

I really think that I might just die without Remii.  What did I do with myself when I didn't have a husband?  I can't even sleep at nights.  I listen to his voicemails over and over just to hear his voice and how much he loves me.  I know I am so pathetic!  I should hate him right now because he is in Hawaii!  And last night I was going through our wedding pics for the 100th time and forgot to post this one to the album.
 I instantly started bawling because all of these emotions that I felt at this moment came right back to me.  Never feeling this kind of happiness and so overwhelmed with Remii's love.  Then I instantly had to write my photographer and thank her for capturing this moment.  (This was all at 3 am.)  I am crazy in love with this person.  (Talking about Remii, although I do love my photographer.)  I hope that I can be the best wife that I can be and continue to make our marriage stronger.  I am so happy to be with him for eternity!  I am bawling while writing this because I feel like happiness like this would never exist for me again.

It has been 2 whole weeks since seeing Remii.  Our Florida trip can't come fast enough next week!  I will never take him for granted again!  :)


  1. Oh my, look at how cute you are :) I loved reading this and being able to tell how happy you are just through your writing! You two are adorable :)

  2. I am glad you are so happy. You deserve every bit of that mushy post.

    And once schools starts for us around here, can we please meet for lunch or something???