Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Place

Since being back to Utah, I decided to start looking for places to live with all of my spare time.  It is so hard not having Remii here and I miss him like crazy!  And everyone has been taking the boys because they are excited to have them back.  So I went on the hunt the other day.  Usually if you find a good place on KSL it is rented within that hour!  So I stumbled upon this cute little place and I hurried and gave them a call.  Here is what sold me on it:  1. You can walk to the U from here.  2. The school Ben will be going to is the 2nd best in the state, even offering an Opera program.  3.  The area is so nice.  We have million dollar homes behind us.  4. My sister lives 3.6 miles away. 5. Close to Sugarhouse park, the zoo, and Heritage Park.  So I already loved it when I walked through.  I was nervous because 2 other groups were walking through at the same time.  But I filled out the application and he called me back an hour later saying that the place was ours!  Wahoo!!  Now I will have to move by myself which will be no fun.  We move in when we get back from Florida on the 3rd.  I hoping that I will have the place all set up for Remii!  Although I am a little bitter right now because Remii is in Hawaii for a work training.  So jealous!

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