Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I didn't have the boys on Christmas eve or Christmas morning this year. It sucked. That is one thing I hate about sharing the boys. But I did get them later in the morning and we got to open presents with them before we left for Chicago. They always get so spoiled. Ben asked for a 3DS this year, and Luke asked for 200 Transformers. He told me this year to get Remii the Ultimate Optimus Prime so that he could have his old one. They both love Transformers, and I love that they share that in common. Christmas was fun this year with my 3 boys! I also got this sweet iPod Nano from Remii. He got me a watch band to put it in too. I am excited that I dont have to put my iPhone in my sports bra at the gym!


  1. That nano watch is the cutest thing ever! Where do I pick up a band?

    1. You can get it on apple.com or I think he got me mine off of Amazon! PS I miss you!!!