Sunday, January 15, 2012

Paint Fight!

Usually I don't really do the whole dance scene, and I am so glad that I am out of the single life.... BUT all of my girls from VS wanted to go and dress up. The only reason why I finally agreed was because Remii was going to be at a table for work. I am so glad I went because it was a blast! At 11 they handed out paint guns and you shot each other with paint. And then my knight and shining armor saved me from the crowd and we dashed for the door shooting everyone with paint as we left! Sometimes I do feel too old for this stuff. Can I just be married and have a bun in the oven already!? Haha
After the paint fight..... I love this boy!


  1. I know what you mean when you say too old for certain things. It looks like a ton of fun though. We are so happy for you, you deserve the best.

  2. It looks like fun, but I know what you mean about being married...but I don't feel the same about having a bun in the oven...;)