Thursday, May 10, 2012

Livin' and Lovin' North Carolina!

We made it all in one piece!  We rolled in at about 1:00 am.  When we arrived we didn't have power!  But Remii's awesome boss got us a hotel until we could get power.  It was turned on the next afternoon, but we still took advantage of the nice hotel and the boys loved swimming!  Even though it is at least 80 degrees here in North Carolina, I don't think our pool will open for another week or so.  We are almost settled in.  It has been crazy trying to get Ben registered for school, unpacked, and get everything organized!

 The boys bathroom.  It even has a vanity in the corner for you to get ready.

 The view from our balcony.  NC is beautiful!

The places are so nice here. The boys bathroom is practically the size of their last bedroom that they were staying in, equipped with a walk-in closet.  We have been having so much fun exploring North Carolina and it is beautiful!  

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