Friday, May 18, 2012

Pool Time

The pool opened today!  My boys have been anxiously awaiting.  They love the water and swimming.  We will probably be here everyday this summer.  I do need to tell about Ben's near death experience... or more like being under the water for a total of 2 seconds.  Luke loves to jump in the pool to Ben and he catches him.  Well Ben was in the 5 feet (he can only touch up to the 4 1/2) and he told Luke to jump to him.  So Luke jumped to him, and weighed him down.  Ben was pushing Luke up while he was underneath.  I quickly grabbed them both and helped them to the side.  Ben was panicked and crying and told me that Luke is younger brother and hasn't lived as long so he wanted to be the one that died and save his brother.  I told him everything was alright and I was watching closely and he was only under for a few seconds.  Funny but not, I love these two.  I'm glad I saved them both.

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