Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Ultimate Road Trip

A 30 hour car ride with three boys...  sounds like a nightmare right?  Well it actually was great!   The boys were angels the whole time.  But you give them an iPad, and iPhone, 2 car DVD players, 2 nintendo DS, and they are definitely going to be entertained the whole time.  We left Utah at 7:00 PM after Remii took his last final.  Remii is the man!  He was up the night before until 5:30 am writing his last paper and busy studying for his final.  But somehow with the help of Redbull, he was ready to drive through the night.  We made it to his parents house in Chicago the next day by 6 PM.

 I had to pack all my clothes into one suitcase.  That was quite the challenge for me.  Luke on the other hand packed all of his belongings in a broken shoebox.

Im the worst road trip buddy.  Cars just put me to sleep.  I only drove 6 hours out of the 30.  And probably slept 20.  I don't know how Remii did it!

We took a stop in Omaha Nebraska.  There were some cool trains for the boys to see and some beautiful gardens to walk though.  Of course the boys found a snake and had to catch it.  Boys will be boys!

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  1. So glad you made it safely! We miss you already. Have a great summer in North Carolina! Love you all :)